How to fix Veeam FLR error -Secondary GPT header LBA 209715199 exceeds the size of the disk (86401630720) at Veeam Backup and replication v12

VBR v12 guest file restore—happen error message is as below:

Secondary GPT header LBA 209715199 exceeds the size of the disk (86401630720)

Agent failed to process method {Mount.GenericMount)

I tried to change the mount server of the repository, but I still had no luck.

This VM has only one virtual disk (C:) with 9GB of free space. I cannot restore files from any existing restore points. (actually, I cannot mount any restore point to the mount server).

I tried to create a new test backup job to backup the VM and tried to restore the guest file from the first restore point (full backup chain) but got the same error. So, I expend the C drive to add 10GB more storage space to it, then rerun the backup job.

Now, I can mount the incremental restore point, but I still cannot mount the full backup restore point.

This issue solved but all the restore points cannot be mounted before expanding the C drive of the VM.

If you need to restore file from those restore points, you can use the instant recovery or restore VM file to mount it to the existing VM and then copy file from the mounted disk.

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